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Conglomerate is the term used to describe a large company which consists of divisions of often seemingly unrelated businesses. eCONGLOMerate is a brain child of TVSI created to test business ideas for ecommerce and spin off those ideas into viable businesses.  In addition topics such as  the Gospel message and Liberalism are available here for the purpose of contrasting what is moral and immoral as it applies to the entrepreneurial spirit. 

Company Profile

TVSI's  eCONGLOMerate believes in the entrepreneurial spirit and the pursuit of ecommerce business solutions that God can bless.  All Business ideas endeavor to be constructed in a way that can form a godly enterprise.  Alternatively, businesses are contrasted against liberal ideas. God seeks to bless those who are in his will.  In this way trust Him to bless your business.


 A Godly business is one that is consistent with gods word. When creating a business plan be deliberate in creating opportunities for daily prayer and commitments to give back to God. Contrast all your plans against liberal concepts to ensure gods blessing.

Liberalism is one of today's most destructive schemes and is practiced by those who goal it is to manipulate and to gain power. Liberals cloak themselves under the guise of standing for our god given rights like the pursuit in individual rights, freedom of thought, transparent government and free market economy.   A simple contrast would be that Gods purpose is for your good and the Liberal purpose is for their good.

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